What is winterisation?

Winterisation is the process of preparing your pool for the winter. 

Why do I need to winterise my pool?

If you live in the UK or a colder climate and your pool is not heated then winterising your pool is essential. Winterising your pool equipment protects it from frost damage which ensures your equipment continues to function correctly for years.

When should I winterise my pool?

Once the summer is over, we recommend winterising your pool in mid-September to early-October. It is essential to winterise before the cold weather sets in. If the frost has already arrived, then it is often too late, and the damage has already been done. 

How do I winterise my pool?

Winterisation is a multi-step process and must be done to your pool pump, filter and pipework. Below we have specified how to carry out this process on each part of your pool set up.


To winterise your pump, you will need to remove the pool pump or drain it. This will protect it from frost and corrosion. Once all the water has been removed from the pump body, make sure everything is clean and dry. Then lightly spray a tiny amount of WD40 or similar water repellent product down the output port of the pump. Using the spray straw usually supplied will give the pump bearing a light coating. This will prevent it from seizing and sticking to itself over the winter months. We also recommend rotating the motor to avoid seizing. Most pumps have a slot at the motor end allowing a standard screwdriver to fit through. Carefully use the screwdriver to gently turn the pump motor a couple of revolutions every month or so to ensure it does not seize.

Do not store your pump in the garage or garden shed if it is not heated. If stored in an unheated area then damp and corrosion can occur which will do just as much damage to your pump as frost.

When you are ready to reinstall your pump in the spring give the pump a quick flush with some warm lightly soapy water and a good rinse to remove all residue. This will ensure your equipment will continue to function correctly.


As with pump winterisation, it is necessary to protect your filter equipment from the cold. If your filter is not the smaller moveable garden type, you will need to drain what water you can from the system. To do this ensure all stop valves are in the closed position, and no water can escape the pool or flood your pump room. On some filter systems, there will be a bottom drain that can be opened, allowing water to be drained from the filter. If not water must be removed by syphoning directly from the filter itself. 

It is also necessary to ensure all water is removed from the Multi-Port Valve (MPV) as these units are very susceptible to frost damage. This is due to the high-pressure frost can produce on a chambered device such as these.

To prevent vermin from entering your pipework, we would advise sealing open pipework with rags and tape. Clean the filter were necessary and when dry cover with some insulation for the winter months. Be sure to look in on your system every month or so to ensure all is well. Frost has a nasty habit of exposing any weak link in pipework and valves, so be sure to check these as well.

When spring arrives, and we would recommend to rinse and flush the filter to waste before use and ensuring that all pipework is clear when getting your pool ready for the summer. 

Combo or All-in-one units

If you have an above ground pool or are using a pump and filter combo unit, then the process is the same as the above method. When everything is clean and dry, make sure to move the unit indoors to prevent damage from the frost and damp conditions. 

Handy Hint

To prolong the life of any o-rings removed, we would advise taking them indoors for storage. Removing o-rings will also allow you to inspect and replace any that may be damaged or past their prime. We suggest a light smear of plumbers high-pressure grease or similar when reassembling. We do not advise the use of the gun-type silicone as this can set and cause leaks.

There you have it, our simple guide on how to winterise your pool. If you have any further questions, please contact us and our technical support team will be happy to help you.


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