UV Swimming Pool System Emaux UV-C16

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The Emaux Nano Tech system offers you Chlorine Free Swimming in an affordable package.

Technical Specification

  • Brand: Emaux
  • EAN: 7091163519198
  • Flow Rate: 15m³/hr
  • Model: UV-C16
  • MPN: 88049015
  • Power KW: 0.29
  • SKU:

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Emaux UV-C16 Swimming Pool System

The Emaux UV-C16 system uses Ultraviolet light to sanitize pool water and create a chlorine-free swimming pool environment in a class of its own. Designed for residential pools with a pool water volume up to 15m³.

How it works

UV disinfection makes use of light at a particular wavelength of 253.7nm. This wavelength of light is a very powerful germicide. This specific wavelength destroys the DNA of bacteria and viruses leaving them dead and unable to cause harm. The UV-C light can also kill moulds, viruses and algae.

The mirror-polished interior of the unit increases the UV-C reflection rate which enhances the efficiency of the system. The unit also features a high-quality quartz sleeve which ensures nearly 100% transmission of the UV-C light. It also protects against fluctuations in temperature, air and water flow and breakage. The UV light should last for around 9000 hours and is easy to replace.

Reduced Chemical Consumption

We do still recommend using a secondary sanitiser with your pool to ensure that any water that does not reach the UV sanitation unit is still clean and safe. However, using the UV-C system you can reduce your chemical consumption by up to 70%. The UV system also has the great advantage of removing any chloramine compounds that have formed meaning that your pool water is free from unpleasant smells and will not irritate the skin, eyes, or cause breathing difficulties.

To conclude the UV-C system is a great alternative to a traditional chlorine pool. UV-C water disinfection has been used for years in the water sanitation industry for cleaning household drinking water and is very safe. It’s easy to install and maintain with minimum use of chemicals. No more storing large amounts of chlorine and it will save you money over time. No more unpleasant smelling water or irritated skin and eyes. Be sure the check the product leaflet and manual for more information. If you still have questions about the UV-C disinfection system please give us a call.

Specification –

  • For pools up to 15m³
  • 1.5″/50mm & 2″/63mm pipe work connection
  • Rated pressure 3 bar
  • UV Lamp 9000 hr rated
  • Low power consumption 70w
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