Filter Glass

A superior replacement for traditional silica sand

Swimming Pool Filter Sand Recycled Glass – How it works

Silica sand is generally spherical in shape. If you think of a grain of sand as a ball. Due to the crushing process recycled glass is generally angular or cube in shape. If you can now imagine a ball of sand of 1mm. Then a cube of glass of 1mm. They will both effectively occupy the same volume but the six sides of the glass cube will have a greater surface area than the ball of sand of the same 1mm diameter. Other names for silica sand and recycled glass is swimming pool filter media

The Science Bit

Filtration is dependent on the amount of surface area you have and can offer to the water being processed. Recycled glass filter media gives you a much greater level of filtration for the same volume kg per kg of silica sand. In addition to a high filtration level the higher surface area also means in certain circumstances you can use up to 15% less media than traditional silica sand to achieve the same level of filtration.

Swimming Pool Filter Sand Recycled Glass – Other Advantages

There are other additional advantages over silica sand as swimming pool filter media. Silica sand because if its obvious natural origin contains many microscopic cracks and fissures. Bio films forming on silica sand can be an issue. Recycled glass on the other hand because of its crystal structure and in the crushing process is block in shape. With relatively smother sides recycled glass media is far more resilient to bio film formation.

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