All new products carry a 1 year manufacturers return to base warranty. No item will be accepted for warranty that has not been correctly winterised and protected from frost, damp, corrosion or have overheated by running dry.

Pumps and filter bodies that show signs of cracking for no apparent reason are the obvious result of the explosive power of frost damage.

Pumps failing to start when re-installing after winter typically will have a seized bearing either from damp or a foreign object preventing rotation of the impeller. It is advisable to store your equipment in a heated house not in your garage or garden shed.

Pumps that are run dry will overheat and cause distortion and warping to internal components of the pump such as the impellers, diffuses, water bearing assembly etc.

Warranty claims will not be accepted for any of the above and the equipment repair if possible is chargeable. Common sense needs to be applied, pool equipment needs maintenance and some quite simple TLC no warranty in the world will cover bad practice.

Our technical staff can advise you on any aspect of the above. If in doubt ASK ! its free advice. Our section on Winterisation and the Jargon Buster pages are worth a read.


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