450mm 0.5hp Pool Pump & Filter Combo FSJ450-6W


The Emaux FSJ Pump/Filter Combo range are a seamless blown HDPE filter and SS pump combination for domestic above ground and garden pools.


Technical Specification

  • Brand: Emaux
  • EAN: 7091167040117
  • Flow Rate: 8.10m³/hr @6m head
  • Model: FSJ450
  • MPN: 88032610
  • Pressure Temp: 2.0 bar/40°C Max
  • Sand Media: 45kg
  • SKU:

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450mm 0.5hp Swimming Pool Pump & Filter Combo System

This is the Emaux FSJ450-6W pool pump and filter combo system. This system couples Emaux’s SS050 pump with the SP450 filter into a single unit that is ideal for small to medium-sized domestic pools.

SP450 Filter

The SP450 is a 450mm filter made from a high-quality HDPE material which is UV resistant. The body of the filter is blown from a single piece of HDPE so it has no seams. This means it has a max operating pressure of 2.0 bar (28 psi) and can be used to a maximum temperature of 40°C. This means that it can be used with heating if required. A filter of this size will need around 45kg of sand. However, we recommend using recycled glass filter media (RGFM) to get a crystal clear pool. By using the RGFM you could also save yourself some money in the long run as you use around 15% less media and it has a longer lifespan than traditional sand.

SS050 Pump

Moving on the FSJ450-6W pump and filter combo comes with the SS050 0.5hp pool pump. The SS050 features built-in thermal and overload protection as standard as well as low decibel operation. Consequently, this means that the pump can be run 24/7 with minimal energy consumption or maintenance.

FSJ450-6W Pump and Filter Combo System

This combo system comes with a base and the multiport valve has both 50mm and 1.5 inch standard connections which make installation easy. The FSJ450-6W pool pump and filter combo is a great all-in-one solution for domestic pools. It can also be used with heating and alternative disinfection methods if required. If you have any questions please contact us. More information can be found in the product information leaflet and manual.

Specification –

  • Nominal rate 8.10m³/hr @6m head
  • Max flow rate 14.1m³/hr
  • Media required 45kg Glass Recommended
  • Suggested size of media : 0.5-1.0mm
  • Max operating pressure 28 psi / 2.0 bar
  • Max temperature of 40°C (104°F)
  • Universal standard of union connection provided
  • Domestic above ground garden pool

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