Emaux Ultra Swimming Pool Pump Filter Combo FSU-8TP


The Emaux Ultra FSU series of pump/filter combo offer the best cost effective solution for above ground garden pools. An ideal and superior replacement for many cartridge filter installations.

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Technical Specification

  • Brand: Emaux
  • EAN: 7091169906640
  • Flow Rate: 8.0m³/hr Max
  • Model: Ultra FSU-8TP
  • MPN: 88033669
  • Pressure Temp: 2.0 bar/40°C Max
  • Sand Media: 17kg
  • SKU:

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13 inch 0.2hp Emaux Ultra Swimming Pool Pump & Filter Combo With Timer

Are you tired of having a poor performance from the original manufacturer’s equipment? Above ground pool turning green? Not happy with cleaning slimy cartridge filters blocking up after just a few days of fun? Then the Emaux ultra pump and filter combo unit is the solution you’ve been looking for. Ideal for above ground pools this pump and filter combo is a great replacement for the units that come with Bestway and Intex pools.

This pump and filter combo unit has been designed with above ground pools in mind. In a typical installation with a nominal head of 1m, the pump can achieve a flow rate of 8m³/hr. Installation couldn’t be simpler as the unit comes with pre-installed plumbing and a base. The filter comes with an easy operation four-way multiport valve so set up and maintenance is straightforward. The filter body is made from UV-resistant HDPE plastic so no need to worry about leaving the system open to the elements in summer. This combo unit even comes with a timer so you can run the system overnight without having to remember to turn the unit on and off.

Sand filtration

Speaking of the filter, there are no cartridges here! The Emaux ultra uses sand media to filter the water so you no longer have to clean out and replace slimy cartridges every week. If you’re looking for even greater filtration then we recommend using recycled glass filter media to get crystal clear water.

Cleaning could not be simpler because of the built-in pressure gauge. When cleaning is required this will be shown as a slight rise in water pressure. This is because the pump has to work a little bit harder as the backpressure has built up. To backwash the system you simply stop the pump, place the MPV valve on backwash and run the pump for 30 seconds or until the water is clear in the sight glass. Then run on rinse for 30 seconds and then on waste to drain the dirty water. Place the pump back on filter and away you go back to enjoying your pool.

Check the product information leaflet and manual for more information. Need some technical advice? Please contact us and we’ll talk you through any of your questions.

Specification –

  • Max flow rate 8m³/hr
  • Media required 17kg
  • Suggested size of media : 0.5-1.0mm
  • Max operating pressure 28 psi / 2.0 bar
  • Max temperature of 40°C (104°F)
  • Universal standard of union connection provided
  • Comes with three 1.5 inch BSP hose-tail connectors
  • Domestic above ground garden pool
  • Built in 24Hr timer

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Sand Not Included, Sand Included

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