SSC50 Salt Chlorinator

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Salt Chlorination, a cost effective method of swimming pool disinfection without chlorine chemicals other than salt

Technical Specification

  • Brand: Emaux
  • EAN: 7091168649838
  • Flow Rate: 25m³/hr
  • Model: SSC50
  • MPN: 88380603
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SSC50 Salt Chlorinator

The SSC50 Salt Chlorinator has been designed for domestic pools up to a maximum size of 120,000 litres. The SSC50 chlorinator is easy to install, use and maintain. Saltwater pools are also less harsh on the skin and cause less eye irritation than traditional chlorine pools while still giving you crystal clear, clean water.

How it works

Salt Chlorination works by the process of electrolysis. Salt dissolved in your pool water passes through an electrolytic cell where it is split in from sodium chloride (salt) into sodium and chlorine gas. The chlorine gas then dissolves into the water which then sanitises the pool water. Eventually, the sodium and chlorine recombine back into salt and the whole process begins again.


Using salt chlorination drastically reduces the need to use and store large quantities of chemicals. Salt isn’t evaporated from the pool and is only lost through routine cleaning of the pool or on bodies getting in and out of the pool during use. As such you may need to occasionally top up your pool by adding more salt. It is recommended that you regularly test the salinity of your pool. For the electrolysis cell to function properly we recommend a salt level of around 4000ppm. This is significantly less salty than the sea which has a salt level of 35,000ppm.

The cell is self-cleaning as it reverses its polarity and the system has a low cell life alert to let you know when the electrolysis cell needs replacing. The SSC50 Salt Chlorinator is a great affordable alternative to traditional chlorine. Check the product leaflet and manual for more information. If you still have questions about switching to salt chlorination please give us a call.

Specification –

  • Titanium plates, maximum chlorine production of 50 gram/hr
  • Self-cleaning reverse polarity
  • Water flow sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Connections: 50 mm / 1 ½” or 63 mm / 2″
  • 2.5 bar
  • Flow rate up to 25m/hr
  • Maximum pool water volume 120m³
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