600mm 24 inch Volumetric Swimming Pool Sand Filter T600


The Emaux T range of Volumetric filters are high performance, high pressure and temperature rated for the most challenging installations.


Technical Specification

  • Brand: Emaux
  • EAN: 7091168919337
  • Flow Rate: 14.60m³/hr Max
  • Model: T600B
  • MPN: 88016047
  • Pressure Temp: 4.0 bar/50°C Max
  • Sand Media: 165kg
  • SKU:

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600mm 24 inch Volumetric Swimming Pool Sand Filter Top Mount

Need a high-performance filter that’ll give you crystal clear water? Then look no further than the Emaux T600, a 600mm volumetric pool filter. It’s ideal for all types of installation. From domestic and commercial pools to spa pools; it will suit any pool that needs an extra bit of water clarity.

Crystal Clear

This 600mm volumetric pool filter has been engineered to be highly efficient in several ways. Let’s start with its unique conical shape. This shape allows for a 30% deeper filter bed than traditional filters. This deeper filter bed gives you more surface area and therefore allows it to catch more dirt than a normal filter. This gives you a higher filtering efficiency and means you can backwash less making maintenance of the filter easier. The filtering efficiency can also be increased by using recycled glass filter media (RGFM) with this volumetric filter to give you crystal clear water.

Also featured is a specially designed double-layered lateral system. This system gives you a uniform movement of water which means you can backwash the filter more completely and efficiently.

High Pressure

This volumetric filter is made from a single piece of blown and moulded high-density polyethylene plastic. Thanks to this HDPE material the strength of the filter has been maximised. It allows you to use much higher temperatures and pressures as a result. With a pressure rating of 4.0 bar, we think this filter would be ideal in a spa pool installation.

The HDPE material is non-corrosive. Because of this, you can use this 24 inch volumetric pool filter with traditional or alternative sanitation systems. It also means the filter can withstand all weather conditions, no need to worry if you have an open-air setup.

To conclude the Emaux T600 is a great option if you need something robust that can handle high pressure and give you excellent water clarity. It’s easy to install and maintain, can be used with heating and can be used with a range of sanitation systems. For more information please check the product leaflet and manual. For technical help and advice please contact us.

Specification –

  • Max flow rate 14.60m³/hr
  • Filter Area 0.29m²
  • Media required 165kg
  • Suggested size of media: 0.5-1.0mm
  • Max operating pressure 58 psi / 4.0 bar
  • Max temperature of 50°C (104°F)
  • Universal standard of union connection provided
  • Domestic In-ground and above ground pool & Pool Spa

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