Swimming Pool & Spa Air Blower Emaux AB Series AB350

£99.99 Inc Vat

A range of superior quality air blowers for Swimming Pool and Spa installations

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Technical Specification

  • EAN: 7091162497398
  • Model: AB350
  • MPN: 88080101
  • Power KW: 350W
  • SKU:

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Swimming Pool & Spa Air Blower Emaux AB Series

Emaux AB350

For Spa installations adding air into the water circuit will produce a more intense hydro massage affect at the jet heads by increasing the overall pressure within the system.

An air blower installation can assist in the backwash cycle of larger swimming pools by agitating and stirring up the filter media before and during backwash cycles. Ensuring no dead spots within the media column. You can of course have massage jets on pool installations giving a similar spa affect in hydro message.


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